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Antique Silk Flower Bouquet Under Glass Dome

Antique Silk Flower Bouquet Under Glass Dome

$ 175.00

I made these bouquets from antique silk flowers and fruit.  These beautiful flower arrangements are sealed under a glass dome and trimmed with antique ribbon. The flowers themselves are sprouting from an actual spool of antique metallic thread.

Two different beaded bouquets are available, each one is unique.

Only one of each is available.

One bouquet features a vintage metallic die-cut bird delivering a 'Token of Friendship' message.  This dome is approximately 9"H x 6"W.  $175

The other bouquet is larger (11'H x 6"W), and is stuffed with as many flowers as I could fit! Brimming with fruit and ribbon, the message reads 'Token of Affection'. $225

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