Journal No.2 - August 2020


August 1st, 2020.

These last weeks of California summer always have me in a nostalgic mood….the trees rustling in the dry wind, the tiniest hint of fall in the smell of dry grass.  One of the things that filters back is a sense of solitude that by August, has deepened into a magical stillness.  Now that we are all on a lengthly stay-cation,  it is even more so.

 The solitude and quiet are a gift. This is a good time to sort out priorities, and nudge myself a little closer to what I really want out of life, and who I really want to be.   It’s an opportunity to tune out the cacophony of noise that the world surrounds us with - so much input, constantly.   

When I started the Theatre of Dreams, 25 years ago, I had a saying that I would write to myself:  I want to live my life from the inside out.  I don’t want to let the demands and expectations that are banging on the doors and windows of myself drown out my own secret voice.   

Sometimes it’s a struggle to find that private voice - the daily business of life cannot be ignored - and I have lost it many times - but it is always there, waiting for me.  As soon as I sit at my table and spend an hour spinning things out of my imagination, she is there, sitting on my shoulder, my muse, my voice, my magic.

I am also feeling a breathless anticipation of the coming holidays!

My hands cant keep up with the new design ideas.  I feel a small euphoric thrill when I think of Halloween and Christmas!

Right now, I am making Halloween reliquaries.  These tiny shadowbox vignettes are historically called “Memento Mori”.  This translates into memento of death - which sounds quite gruesome, but was not.  In Victorian times, they were composed as a remembrance of someone much loved who passed away.  For me they are a reminder that darkness can be beautiful. 

My reliquaries always start with a pinwheel rosette of paper for the background.  You can make these easily at your own desk - they are useful in so many craft and decorative projects.  Use antique letter paper, antique newsprint, wallpaper or journal paper -  something with interesting print on it. 

You can use the original, or make an ink-jet copy for multiples.  Beautiful and easy to make.


Turn off the TV and the awful news….and turn on an audio book!  It will transport you to a wonderful place!  My favorite listen right now is Cider with Rosie, by Laurie Lee,  recommended to me by Lisa, and I have listened to it four times!  LISTEN!  It is pure magic!