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Journal No. 3 - October 2020

Journal entry number 3 - October 2020 I’m trying to see past the smoke - not just of the fires here in California but also the smoke that obscures my vision of the future -  from the clouds of social and political upheaval, the COVID and lockdown ... it’s hard.  I’ve had to work at keeping my little ship of good hope in order by constant patching and propping... and paddling.  Sometimes the future is obscured by this figurative smog bank... but we must keep steering - steady on - not just gravely - but full steam ahead!  As my good friend Robert says, WORK AHEAD IN HOPE. I believe that the times when you feel the most lost are...

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Journal No.2 - August 2020

PLEASE CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW FOR A FULL SIZE VERSION, COMPLETE WITH INSTRUCTIONS FOR MAKING A PINWHEEL ROSETTE!  August 1st, 2020. These last weeks of California summer always have me in a nostalgic mood….the trees rustling in the dry wind, the tiniest hint of fall in the smell of dry grass.  One of the things that filters back is a sense of solitude that by August, has deepened into a magical stillness.  Now that we are all on a lengthly stay-cation,  it is even more so.  The solitude and quiet are a gift. This is a good time to sort out priorities, and nudge myself a little closer to what I really want out of life, and who I really...

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A Letter from the Theatre of Dreams

As our time in lockdown continues to draw out, my thoughts have begun to settle into more solitary, but still pleasant, habits.  I miss all the time I used to stand behind the counter of my magical little shop, meeting and talking with all the wonderful people who walk into my world.  \I miss seeing their upturned faces looking at the shadow puppet theatres, voices hushed, eyes lit up.  Its one of the things I work for - to see that look of wonder on peoples faces when they respond to the waking dream of my shop.  On the other hand, I am spending lots more time in the studio, and sitting at my little messy desk into the night, totally...

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