A Letter from the Theatre of Dreams

As our time in lockdown continues to draw out, my thoughts have begun to settle into more solitary, but still pleasant, habits.  I miss all the time I used to stand behind the counter of my magical little shop, meeting and talking with all the wonderful people who walk into my world.  \I miss seeing their upturned faces looking at the shadow puppet theatres, voices hushed, eyes lit up.  Its one of the things I work for - to see that look of wonder on peoples faces when they respond to the waking dream of my shop. 

On the other hand, I am spending lots more time in the studio, and sitting at my little messy desk into the night, totally absorbed in constructing all kinds of new objects out of my imagination.  

I also have much more time to do all of those small things in daily life with real attention - cooking, cleaning, fixing things around the house.  As a stress junkie, I am finding that slowing down has its own delights, and that the simplest and most ordinary things done artfully can make my day beautiful.

These past few months have made me want to find new ways to connect with people - and so I am starting what I am calling my JOURNAL FOR AN IMAGINARY LIFE.

I will be writing up a weekly journal entry and will be sending it out to everyone interested in what is going on In my world - thoughts, ideas, pictures,  new projects, creative how-to’s, collecting antiques and other things I love, along with sharing great sources I have found, and all with a mind to finding for myself, and sharing with you, a magical life.

Along with this new communique, I will be posting free videos on youtube, which will include studio and house tours, as well as how-to demonstrations on charming studio projects for you to try at home.